Two boys horsing around in the cinder block school resulted in 7-year-old Gerson Canela getting poked in the eye with a pencil. His teacher rushed him home and helped arrange for a pickup truck to transport the injured boy from their home in Sacpu to the Visualiza Clinic in San Benito. Gerson's father was furious, demanding payment for medical expenses from the other boy's father. The two men argued. At the clinic, Dr. Mariano Yee performed emergency surgery in an attempt to save the eye. Exhausted, the family returned home by bus. When the bus doors opened, the other boy's father was waiting — with a gun. He murdered Gerson's father in cold blood. His mother, Amabilia, pregnant with a third child, was left alone to care for an injured Gerson and his little sister. They survive today with little income, living in a house owned by Gerson's grandfather.

Gerson, back in school, reads well and loves math. He helps his grandfather harvest corn and gather firewood for extra money. Someday, he hopes to become a doctor.