Drive an hour and fifteen minutes south from Guatemala City, down a dusty dirt road on the outskirts of the town of Escuintla. 11-year-old Blaudi Gomez plays soccer with his friends in front of the wood and corrugated metal shack where he lives with his mother, father and two siblings. There is electricity, but no running water or sewer in the home, which is owned by the sugar cane plantation where Blaudi's 64 year-old father works in the cane fields. His mother Sophia, aged 60, raises corn, sugar cane, chickens, ducks and snails for the family to eat.

Children congregate at the neighborhood school, even though it is closed for the season. Blaudi is the best student in his class, but this was not always so. When Visualiza health care workers Henry, Dan and Eduardo did a screening at the school, they discovered Blaudi suffered from cataracts. They arranged surgery at the clinic in Guatemala City. Financial support from Vision for the Poor enabled Blaudi's sight to be restored. His future can be as bright as his smile.