Every thirty seconds, one child in our world goes blind.

In developing countries, 60% of children die within a year of going blind. This suffering is so far from us that it is hard to feel the enormity of the pain.

The donations and support of our benefactors, who have given generously without witnessing this suffering first hand, have made the eye treatment for these children, and thousands like them, possible. They have empowered the eye doctors at Vision for the Poor partner eye hospitals to treat indigent children who otherwise would have no access to sight saving eye surgeries.

Click on a link below to read about a few of the children whose lives have been affected by their generosity.


Vision for the Poor Executive Director receives Archbishop Oscar Romero Award

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Vision for the Poor 2017 Humanitarian Award Winner:

Frank B. Villa II OD

For extraordinary support to bringing the gift of sight to the people of Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru and Mexico.