Imagine suffering a blinding condition that could be treated. But because you were poor and had no access to eye care you lived a life of dependency. Worse yet, imagine being poor and born blind and because of your condition your life expectancy was 3 years. There are an estimated 35 million people in the world who are blind from cataracts and 600 million who need eye glasses. Most of these people live in developing countries.

Our goal is to prevent this tragedy. Vision for the Poor and partners have developed a network of ten eye hospitals in Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru and Mexico that provide all eye care services to the poorest people who otherwise would not receive treatment.

Vision for the Poor partner eye hospitals use a social service model that allows patients to pay for care according to their ability. Of the 160,000 patients treated each year at our hospitals, thirty percent of patients are destitute and unable to contribute to the cost of care. Cost of eye glasses is $20 and cataract surgery is $77. Your participation in Climb for Sight will assure access to care for the poorest of the poor and assist each facility’s goal of being sustainable.



Betty, age 8, had to provide full-time care for her grandmother Silia (left) and her aunt Carice (right) because they were blind from cataracts. The women recently received surgery at the Vision for the Poor partner eye hospital in Cap Haitian, Haiti. Betty will attend school for the first time.



World Sight Day at Visualiza, Guatemala

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Vision for the Poor Executive Director receives Archbishop Oscar Romero Award

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